Countries to Pray For:

Latvia (EUROPE)

Population: 1,835,380

Languages: Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian

Religions: Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox Christian, Old Believer, Baptist

People: Latvia has been multiethnic for centuries, though the demographics shifted dramatically in the 20th century due to the World Wars, emigration and removal of Baltic Germans, Holocaust, and occupation by the Soviet Union.

What to Pray About: One of the lowest-ranked healthcare systems in Europe. Evangelicals are legalistic, Arminian, or paedobaptist. Although the Reformed movement is growing amongst young Latvians, this is not the case amongst Russians. No obstacles to missionaries coming; great need for mature Christians. Gospel witness – Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary (Riga); Grace International Baptist Church (Riga).


Population: 6,750,996

Languages: Arabic, French, English, Armenian

Religions: Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox

People: A well-known culture, highly influential in the Arab world; made up of 18 different sects. After civil war (1975-1990), a coalition government was formed, but dominated by Hezbollah (a Shiiat militia organization controlled by Iran). Ongoing economic collapse due to banking corruption, Covid-19, and the Beirut explosion (2020).

What to Pray About: Gospel witness – Pastor Samuel Kharrat of Lebanon Reformed Church (Beirut); Pastor Marwan Aboul-Zalof of City Bible Church, and Quartus Ministry; Pastor Ziad Hello of Beirut Bible Church; Pastor Michel Abbass of Christ Evangelical Church; Lebanon Reformed Fellowship (LRF) with Gospel radio broadcasting, pastoral training, and Sunday School curriculum; Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (